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Joana Fatondji

I always loved learning new skills and exploring new things starting from brading hair, dancing new styles, being on stage performing, traveling, and even in school always wanting to go higher and higher. The first time I actually learned that there was a the "scientific" field of personal development was when I started working with the"Deutsche Vermögesberatung" during my last 2 years in University. I started reading books like the secret, books by Dale Carnegie and others on how to improve your thinking, personality and therefor your life results. I fell in love with this whole idea of eternal learning and improving my Self and therefore my life in all areas of my life!

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After University and a year of playing around in Theater and other fields lead me to think deep and ask myself what do I wanna stand for in this life and what value do I want to bring to the people I love. And since I was always very interested in health and by then had found the teachings of Dr. Sebi, a healer, indegionous food advocte and herbalist, for me the road was clear. I wanted to be a healer too and learn about health, food and wellbeing on all levels - so I decided to go back to school and invested my last money into the down payment of my course on wholistic health and nutrition.