Cultural Advantage

Me in Elazig, Turkey 2016

Me in Elazig, Turkey 2016

Who AM I?

My Name is Joana Fatondji. I am the daughter of a german mother and a ashanti/ghanian father. I am a sister to two older brothers. I am a woman and a soon to be wife. With this I am a step mom to two, a girl & a boy. I am sensitiv and I am spiritual.

Let´s start with my name which has always been a subject of analysis to me.

One day I asked my mum why my parents chose to give me then name Joana and she told me because of the Song “Joanna give me hope” by Eddy Grant which is a Song about apartheid. If you don´t know the Song Listen to it and you will understand more about the Energie is carries. My last name, Fatondji, is a name my father adopted when he changed his passport from a Ghanian to an Beninian one in order to come to Germany. Because back in the beginning of the 80’s there was war in Benin so it was easiert to be granted asylum. And with that decision he changed his official name from Agyei to Fatondji and with that the name of our on going family lineage.

So my Name has always carried the history connected to it, with it. I kind of always felt the weight on my shoulders. But today I know I don´t carry IT, IT carries me.

I was born in Germany, Haan stayed in that area until I was 3, lived in Ghana until I was 5 came back to Germany turned 6 and started elementary school. I grew up in and between two entirely different worlds yet always free. My parents broke up one day before my 10th Bday, on our first holiday trip to Orlando Florida.

I grew up in a very multicultural neigborhood, I had german, turkish, indian and arabic friends. I love’d to visit them at home after school so I could get an insight into other culture’s family life. I also loved to go to the local youth center where I learned more about people, art, music, dance and performance. I was always a veeeeeeery curious child and not shy to go on stage. I loved expressing in all ways and forms, luckily I got the chance to do some of that with the youth center which has fundamentally shaped my worldview.

My mum was a full-time hard working mum, with that she has showed me how to grind. She contributed to put food on the table and make sure that we,the kids could participate in lifes activities like sports, travel, technology. She also steadily progressed in her career, making her a great role model for me in the area of career.

My dad also was a very hard working man who showed me the traditional way of love and responsability for his big ghanian family ( who seemingly never appriciated nor showed compassion for his struggle, yet took it for granted) destroyed him spiritually, emotinally, physically and financially. This mind-set gave way for the circumstances to suck out his life force energy. This is one of the greatest lesson to realize the neccessity of setting up healthy boundaries for family.

But before I understood all of the connections of how things became how they are today, his example inspired me to put family first, represent my family, culture and believe everywhere I go and work hard to create & add value to all of us.

Since we had no contact with any of my moms remaining family members, all I knew was the dark side ;) So in terms of community I was drawn to black family, friends and lovers yet.

Still I never really feel like I belong. I was different.

As a girl my mom was and still is my first rolemodel yet I missed the physical features I could dentify with. Through the ways of a white woman I learned how to approched & manage life and therefore adopted a lot of her style. This ongoing inner battle of belonging made me seek to “know thy Self” & this is were I found myself.

I have found that we all need healing.

Now who AM I?

I am a healer, I healed myself. I am a international business graduate. I am a medically approved nutritionist specialized on plant based and raw food consulting. I am a Student & Teacher of transformational life principles, a Speaker and a Coach. I am an expert on holistic health. I am an entrepreneur on the rise.

And first an formost I AM a spiritual being having a human experience.

And in this experience I am a lover of the arts, of music, tratitional music, instruments, drums, black music, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Reggea, Afro Beat, Pop. I love to dance and express myself through body language and style. I love being at home reading & listening to audio tapes on success, personal development, spirituality, meta-physics, business building, the soul, food & health. I love thinking about creating opportunities to realize my ideas. And I love to travel, getting to know other cultures, believes and rituals. I love to challenge peoples superstitions, shift paradigms invite them to grow, be free and create peace, love, unity and fun ;)

That´s my cultural advantage.

Not your avarage Jo

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