Get ready to take control of your happiness.


I help woman to overcome their fears, create a crystal clear vision, through a proven coaching system that empowers them to confidently create the lifestyle and income they disire to support their family and make an impact in the world.


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My services are for Woman who are looking for professional guidance and empowerment, that goes deeper than the average therapy.  Woman who are longing to become part of a supporting sisterhood, woman who are ready transform to live their best live.

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What Am I About?

Everybody that knows me from childhood and teen years knows that I love speaking and that I am the woman that loves to give advice, help and find solutions to problems - that's why my clients feel comfortable with me. What I do is truly a part of me. My purpose is being a teacher, healer and coach.  I am ready to share my knowledge and experience.

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Looking and feeling great in you body.  Health and wellbeing by Constantly improving through personal development.

That's what I will teach you.

— Joana Fatondji